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John with Still Waters Vodka and Anthony Zaca from Rainier Distillers     

 Buy it here! We make by hand the 2, 3, and 4 inch sizes of our Alchemist Copper Moonshine Stills. These specialize in high proof alcohol. These come with boilers that are electrical, and they come in 15, 50 and 100 gallon tanks or boilers. You can just take out the elements and cover the holes with caps to use over propane or wood fire.  All these size work the same but produce different outputs. The 2 inch produces a min. of one gallon per hour of product. A 3 inch will do 3-5 gallons an hour, and a 4 inch will do 7 gallons up an hour. It is a copper reflux still, a compound still.  They also can be taken apart- and made into a pot still.  We also sell basic traditional pot stills in a 2, 3 and 4 inch.

This still, which I call THE ALCHEMIST can even be an essential oil extractor. All you do is add on an essential oil extractor. With this extractor, you can also make infusions to your alcohol with herbs, spices, flowers etc.

Effusion lamp candles can be burnt with alcohol and oils together. Also you can make fuel for your car- called ETHANOL. Ethanol is straight alcohol that can denatured with a little gasoline ( to prevent people from drinking). Alcohol stove cooking fuel you can make- for backpack stoves- that burn clean. See my video blog how I cooked during a 6 day power outage here in Yelm.

Here is my moonshine still tower. Please treat it like lab Equipment. This comes with thermometer, hoses, copper mesh, clamps and gaskets. All you need to do is put it on your boiler, connect the hoses, put in your wash and plug the power cord into the wall. It is that easy.

Moonshine Still 
We also sell boilers. They are stainless steel and come in many sizes. 

If you want the job done, this is your STILL.  This still is is functional and designed for high proof & fast runs. No sexy windows or 17th century design- just a pure copper REFLUX tower. 

We also sell extensions, the higher the still,  the cleaner the product and the higher the proof! 

This one has three extensions and is a ten foot still.

(A pot still makes whiskey, rum and brandy. A reflux still, -can make vodka or high proof ethanol.) 
Our Copper Alchemist Moonshine Stills all come with option of electric or non electric keg boilers- we also make ourselves. OR you can put these towers on boilers you have, milk cans or pots. We can also sell you adapters for different size ferrules. We sell a deluxe boiler as well, with 4 inch glass or metal plate cleanouts and spigots to empty and fill, and use as temperature gauge. You can- at the same time- use both electric and propane, for faster heating. Keg boilers are easy to clean, we have a video. They are cheaper also and hardier. You fill in your favorite recipe wash- ( we have recipes on our blog) and plug the heating element in a wall. 

Here is a photo of one of our reflux stills, disassembled to make a pot still. This will produce around 3 gallons an hour.
Great for stripping run.


We also can do a 7 gallon version instead of 15 gallon electric boiler.

We sell complete and starter moonshine kits as well.  This is for making ethanol, alcohol.

We also make continuous alcohol stills- Custom only. 

We also sell packing, yeast, enzymes, zeolite. We sell alcohol optimized water distillers. If you do not see something on our website, please ask, I can always get you what you need at retail cost- to go along with your order. We can put together complete kits. 

I  also do custom work.

  Water distiller Moonshine still  

These moonshine distiller towers come with liquid management, and double, triple or quadruple helix condenser coils.

All hoses and packing are enclosed with your order.  


You can double/triple distill --in one run-- with these.
This style was invented for high grade vodkas in the 1800's. 

We make these ourselves- HANDMADE in the USA.

 To make ethanol fuel, a reflux still is needed, because of the high proof.

There are some states in the USA where it is legal and ok, but please check your local laws. Times are changing rapidly and soon we may all be able to make alcohol at home.

Owning a Copper still is legal, and even encouraged if you get an ethanol fuel permit from TTB.GOV
The Federal Alcohol Fuel Permit is free and takes about two weeks. 
We suggest you buy a still then get started on the federal application. For you will have to submit a photo of your still when you send in the free application. 

Is owning a still legal? 

From a TTB Newsletter 2009 Under Federal rules administered by TTB, it depends on how you use the still. You may not produce alcohol with stills unless you qualify as a distilled spirits plant. However, owning a small still and using it for other purposes is allowed. You should also check with your State and local authorities - their rules may differ. A still is defined as apparatus capable of being used to separate ethyl alcohol from a mixture that contains alcohol. Small stills (with a cubic distilling capacity of a gallon or less) that are used for laboratory purposes or for distilling water or other non-alcoholic materials are exempt from our rules. If you buy a small still and use it to distill water or extract essential oils by steam or water extraction methods, you are not subject to TTB requirements. If you produce essential oils by a solvent method and you get alcohol as a by-product of your process, we consider that distilling. Even though you are using and recovering purchased alcohol, you are separating the alcohol from a mixture -distilling. For more info 
Call for help if you need. 

Go to my blog to see how much these Copper stills put out in an hour and the strength. I have sold to many micro distilleries and they are all happy.

Distilling is a great thing. Not just for making alcohol cheaply! Its good for making clean water, recycling old fluid, home brewing, cheap fuel, cheap cooking fuel, industrial and medical alcohol, steam distillation of essential oils, flavoring for spirits and food, tinctures, perfumes. 
Did you know its the second oldest profession? Every culture has been distilling since the beginning of time. It will never die as a business. 
Alcohol is extremely valuable in our culture. From socializing to mating. To forget problems. Whiskey is as good as gold. Our forefathers had stills. In Colonial America spirits had more spending power than gold. In the up and coming times, no matter what happens, you can always depend on the demand for it. 

Alcohol is classed, in hard times, as liquid currency or LIQUID GOLD. Spirits are emergency currency. America was founded by distillers and used spirits as money. It is one of the things that will always remain valuable. It can be used for bartering for food and to pay for labor, when money is no longer good. Almost everyone will trade for spirits. Doctors, farmers and builders. Alcohol is useful for sterilizing germs and killing bacteria, perfuming soaps and women, fuel for lighting, as well. Women love perfumes and soaps. Clean water is priceless in times of crisis.

Distilled water, blue gold, is safe to drink and easy to make, out of the dirtiest water imaginable. Some countries are being forced to buy water from their government and not allowed to collect their own rain water. Things like fluoride cannot be filtered out with a supermarket water filter, you need to distill it. Distill then add some salt or squeeze of lemon, to add minerals back. You can desalinate ocean water. Take the radiation out of your water in event of nuclear meltdown such as Fukishima.  These also do everything else and can also make tinctures and vodka infusions.

William Faulkner - "Civilization begins with distillation"

DISTILLERY EQUIPMENT with my 4 inch ALCHEMIST- Become a Micro or Craft Distiller!


micro distillery​​

We sell a 4 inch tower. This is a cheap way to start up a distillery. This will produce 95% plus pure alcohol.  If it does not do 95%, we will work it out over the phone guaranteed. Usually it is just tweaking the fermentation or the liquid tap control. This is great for those who want to make vodka and even fuel for your car on grand scale. If you live in a impoverished country this will support your community.

450 Gallon distilling boiler

​ We also sell Stainless Steel Boilers up to 450 gallons. We can put on any fittings you would like, such as windows and spigots.  Please see our photos section for the possibilities. We can help you starting up your distillery. Everything is guaranteed to work as advertised.

See our videos. We work with many micro distilleries and have set up many. Call and ask. We have started out several distilleries who are doing well. My smaller stills are also great so they can make small batches and experiment. You can also do test batches with infusions and own pot stills just for stripping runs. It is also a cheap way to start up a micro distillery to buy four 3 or 2- 4 inch copper towers for our giant boilers. They also have worked with us to test our stills for us, on alcohol beverages. Beautiful reviews always. See our youtube. I give classes as well. I make distilling home calls provided you have your permits. I am available to fly out also and help you set up. Micro distillers can also use our stills -to flavor alcohol. They can make absolutes, flavor vodka, infusers, etc with the essential oil extractor. Like Lemon or lavender vodkas. This is with the essential oil basket extension. You can flavor your alcohol by adding drops of essential oils, OR by distilling herbs and alcohol together--Email us for info. I can custom make: Continuous stills, Stainless Steel Carbon Snakes, One gallon Stills, Copper boilers, Conical top boilers, Corkscrewing Copper Parrots, brewing equipment, mash tuns etc. I have good luck finding things. I can restore, weld, create, design.  Just call me, even if you just want to chat about possibilities. A beverage of leisure is a serious business!

                                                                                             100 Gallon Boiler 50 and 100 gallon boilers