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Welcome Distilling Nerds! Watch our videos and see our photos! Copper and Glass Moonshine Stills. Safe and Tested. Custom Orders Welcome. STILLS FOR SALE!

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Witch Herbal Extractor- Make Cannabis Oil with Ethanol!

If you can boil water, you can distill. We sell a small 2 inch diameter 15 gallon moonshine still called, the "Alchemist". Handcrafted and individually numbered. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in every detail in each piece. We can do custom designs for each client as well. Our Copper Reflux towers can also double as a Pot Still. See the Stills page for more info. 

I also have articles, videos on Youtube and links to get information and how to get your free TTB.GOV Federal Permit for Alcohol Fuel! This will allow you to legally make up to 10,000 gallons a year, so you can also start supporting local farmers!

Be the most important guy in town in event of crisis. Its as important as any household appliance like kitchens or dishwashers.


The Personal Home Distiller

The 2 inch copper moonshine still makes a gallon and a half an hour, the three inch makes 3-5 gallons in the hour. How much fuel do you need to make? The 4 inch makes 7 gallons plus an hour. These are electric copper stills.

Guaranteed to work as advertised!

Not just for moonshine! There is a company in Hawaii that uses my still to make alcohol to then burn it to make CO2 for their plants. Another company that grows tilapia uses my still to make alcohol to burn to feed CO2 to the algae that helps their ecosystem. Also third world countries I have helped distill fresh clean water for their communities.

This Marijuana industry is going to be bigger than Alcohol and Tobacco- combined! So all you distilling professionals, look into this, for it is coming to a state near you.  Its bigger also in tax receipts and profitability in privatized businesses. The butane industry (most cannabis oil made with), does NOT care about the health care of its consumers. Cannabis Concentrates with Ethanol is the best!

The alcohol you are using you are not consuming. It is like for tinctures. The quality of the alcohol will always reflect the outcome of any plant extractions. Example: the spirit of red wine, is great to extract the resins of cannabis.

Get your Ethyl Alcohol in stores or make it yourself. Get your Federal TTB.gov permit for " Alcohol fuel"  and get to make up to 10,000 gallons a year. The permit will not cost you one cent.  

We have for sale "The Witch" Herbal Extraction Unit- in one gallon size, only. This size is for safety. This will make a Cannabis Oil using Alcohol. Crystal clear and the color gold, if you like. Make a superior product! You would not believe what is out there! I am telling you! 

You do not have to buy a 20 thousand dollar still or be a corporation to get cannabis oil- with my results. I have tested and posted a lot of the results online. I work with local labs to do this. There is no still out there like this. Period. I have had up to 92% thc. It is only allowing me to have 6% terpenes in there.

What I found out is to keep the strength of the THC, or the CBDs around 85% It allows me then to have 12% terpenes. Which gives you flavors and a delivery system.

 See my videos and photos section. This is adjustable if you want chlorophyll or not. Even non psychoactive oil, you can make, through a non solvent distillation, if you choose. The way to make a non psycho active oil, using an alcohol solvent, is allowing the alcohol to evaporate without any heat. And extraction is done using freezing alcohol and the plant material. I am available to chat so call me.

Stop using BUTANE, HEXANE, ISO other poisons...etc to render your Marijuana Oil. JUst because they show you in parts per million and sometime does not even register, it does not mean it is not there. I guarantee if you extract with a poison, you will end up with the same.

Use Alcohol, clean and pure. Or a CO2 machine, water extraction and other non solvents.

I developed a hash oil still that will get one of the hardest oils to distill, out. See my blog and youtube for all information. I have a 9 part HOW TO on Youtube and also assembly and infusing with flavors like tangerine. I have more cannabis oil videos waiting to be uploaded as well all the time. Also, you can read my story on how I got where I am  today, with this still on my blog.

We sell this as an herbal extractor. It will also make essential oils out of anything else, through absolutes. Really fine perfumes.

Want to learn how to make Cannabis Hash Oil? Follow US!

​There are two processes of extraction and both are opposite ends of each other on the temperature scale. I will soon make a color chart from "Dark English Racing Green" to the color of Gold. This really is the gold Alchemists have been looking for.

Distillers- MAKE ALCOHOL FOR THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY. In two years people will discover that butane THC oil extraction kills- and this will fly!

​The two industries can cross over instead of competing, it is the inevitable for "Medical".

88% THC:

 We make Distillery Kits. We make 20 feet tall, 50 to100 Gallon Copper Stills, Pot Stills and Heat controls, Propane or Electric. Call me, if you have a distillery you want to set up or need another still. I sell stills to fit any ceiling, up to 6 inches in Diameter in Glass or Copper.

I do custom work and can make you what you need or find someone who will.

One of the distilleries we set up, just won the Bronze Medal Award for 2014 for the category of CLEAR MOONSHINE at A.D.I . conference in Seattle this year- Congrats!

Don't judge a COPPER STILL by what it looks like, but by quality of what it produces to drink--and the quantity of alcohol it produces in one hour. Also the simplicity of the design. It can be changed to be a pot still to make whiskey, rum and brandy and also, you can use it as a stripping still. Make a great moonshine. Now add modulars to the still and you can maniupulate flavors and the strength of the ABV. You can take a product from your fermentation to the high 90s on the first run. Some have even said 95% including me. In stripping still mode with 5500 watts of power in a 15 gallon keg, you can push anywhere between 6 and 8 gallons an hour, in stripping mode.

Just because my still can do multiple jobs, does not mean it is a lesser of a still but rather modular designed which allows you to have the best of the distillation world. You can do essential oils, absolutes, extractions with alcohol, make ethanol or alcohol drinking products or distilled water for a town.

Simplicity is important, the less steps you have to take to make a product the better. For the more parts you have to take- to make alcohol, you got more room for error. It is hard to reproduce what you did last, as well. It is called the kiss principle. " K.I.S.S." Keep It Simple, Stupid. That is what I was constantly being told as a child in Australia. There are no moving parts in my moonshine stills and nothing needs to be repaired ever for life, except maybe those heating elements, which you just screw in to replace. You can get at Lowe's or Home Depot.

I have set up many distilleries running my copper stills as we speak for years, doing 65 gallons a day. They started off with one three inch still, and they have grown when the orders come in, and they are up to 6 stills at the same time.

It is true, under 5 Grand you can have a micro distillery! Producing two hundred cases month minimum. 

"Micro"means small, 100 gallon batches, and "Craft" means to me, is someone who is creating a lot of flair and personality in their brandies, whiskeys, rums, etc. Also, "craft" means attention to detail.

Large distilleries cannot compete with small, when turning around products. They cannot make changes as easy. They have to go through board members and politics.

This is benefit to a micro or craft distiller.  There is plenty of room for testing, you can use your wife, friends, family members and those decisions, made straight away.

When starting a micro or craft distillery, it is better to not be in debt or beholden to investors, but still be the boss, by starting off, after your permits go through, by buying a small still, even a $600 "Alchemist" one, to learn about the basics of distilling alcohol beverage, find recipes, experiment, with let's say Strawberry Vodka, read books,...then later when research and development has been done, go larger scale, when ready.

Just because you hold a license, or have a 200,000$ still from Europe, does not make you an expert in distilling alcohol beverage,or even owner of a successful product. You do not even have to hire a "master distiller" on your team, to have award winning beverage, just someone with passion. That will always surpass someone with alot of education that does not enjoy what he does. Practice does makes perfect. It is best to start small. Look for fads and trends in other countries. I have turned down a lot of big distillers and passed them onto other large scale builders, I want to promote the MICRO DISTILLER.

​Rainier Distillers in June 2014 Issue:


Question: I’m a distillery, planning a small scale production for rum (molasses), whiskey (corn), cachaça (molasses), vodka etc etc, you name it…. This is my plan. What still pot (gas power) configuration would you suggest that has enough flexibility for this purpose? 
Answer: 100 and a 50 gallon boiler along with the The 4" Alchemist Still with the 4" Pot Still. The 50 gallon boiler and still will be for your spirit runs, making vodka and flavored gins even going into whiskeys, and the 100 gallon Still will be your workhorse, that is called the stripping still or the pot still. For a set up like this, is around 10 grand, give or take depending on shipping, this set up will produce a min of 65 gallons a day of a finished product like Vodka. See photo below:

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